Water Bug

Well, my second year of college is off to a decent start. I'm back at my old job at the South Dinning hall. It is now run by a new company so a lot of things have changed. For one thing, we get paid more (woot), but now everything has been rearranged, so I can't find anything. Also, This year I was smart enough to make sure I'm not stuck working on Saturdays, so I will have a bunch more free time.
Classes are going pretty well too. And I'm back to slacking off as much as possible. (The adjacent picture was done in Illustrator during my Typography class.) But don't worry, I'm making plenty of time to get the comic done. I'm even participating in a Coliseum battle, so managing to get comics done for that and do my regular comic will be a bit of a trick, but I'll manage.

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