Web Comics

Here are a few of the other Web Comics out there that I enjoy reading. Hope you like them to.
It"s Walky! - Acton/adventure comic with alines and stuff!
Real Life Comics - Just what it sounds like, but with more giant robots and evil villains.
Real Life
Sinfest - God, the Devil, hot chicks and pimps. What more you askin' for?
El Goonish Shive - The adventures of a bunch of way-out-there people with way-out-there powers. There is nothing close to normal here.
El Goonish Shive
Mega Tokyo - Simply one of the greatest web comics of all time. I could try and describe it to you, but I could never do it justice.
Errant Story - Magical spell casting half-elves and a badass assassin in search of world domination. Another good one.
Zebra Girl - My favorite web comic of all time! Girl gets tuned into demon, girl gets transported to alternate Roger Rabbit style dimension, girl gets transported back to her regular dimension. It just goes on and on. Jack it the Man!
Chibi Chearleaders from Outerspace - What a name! And what a comic! Some of the best art I've ever seen.
Gunmetal Annie - Earth has been conquered by aliens. Now a boy and a Girl set off the find their future in outer space. It's kinda angsty, but everyone needs a good dose of angst every now and then.
Gunmetal Annie
Super Bad Things - Demons getting turned into people, there a switch for ya. And it's done by someone from Kutztown. I luv this school.
Nowhere Fast - A bunch of people working in a comic book store. How weird can it possibly get? Go there and find out!
Van Von Hunter - Like fantasy characters? Like seeing fantasy characters being made fun of? Than you'll luv this one.
Feyenne - A Fantasy comic where a girl with a tragic past travels through a world full of magic, elves and demons with her best friend who thinks life is one big fairy tail. (I want his jacket).
The Avitar - This comic confuses me like nothing else, but in a good way.
Alex and Ilia - What happens when a human and a giant lizard get married? Find out here!
Digital War - Not what it sounds like, but somehow the name still fits. If you don't frequent the Keenspace Forum, than you can't truly give this comic the respect it deserves. And you may die as a result.
Digital War
Count Your Sheep - Possibly the most adorable web comic on the face of the earth. If you don't like it, you don't have a heart.
Count Your Sheep
Deity Permit - Still not quite sure what this one is about, but it is very funny and original. Great art to boot.
Deity Permit
Skunk - This is what you get when you give a college student a sword!
White Hydra - The quest to save the world from Zombies using the power of the mystical White Hydra.
White Hydra
Beyond Reality - Orion and his sister Laura get transported to an alternate dimension. Now they begin a quest to find their way home.
What Now!? - A young boy discovers the secret power hidden within him. It also has a gay elf! It's done by Chibiartstudios, AKA Woodson Baldwin. One of the coolest people on the Keenspace Forums
Twice Destined - Two seemingly unrelated girls each find themselves involved in dangerous situations. One struggles with her mysterious past, the other must stop a plot by her father to start a terrible war. And did I mention the Fanservice? Because that's really all it's about.
Burgundy Comics, INC. - A very funny and creative comic about a woman who dose comics for a living. More Fanservice goodness. (Caution: Mature Audiences Only.)
Low Road 75 - Two Goths and a demon possessed stuffed pig doll deal with life in a society that doesn't want to accept them for who they are.
Shonen-Ai Kudasai - This comic is about Kai and Kay, a gay couple. It's done by the adorably inseparable Maria and Michelle.

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