Main Characters

Character Description
Skid Name: Samson "Skid" Marks
Age: 18
Hight: 5'8"

Samson, or "Skid" as his friends call him, is pretty much your average guy. But after getting sucked through what appeared to be an unexplained rip in the universe, he has now found himself trapped in a strange world. He really has no idea what is going on or what to do about it.
Skid is not all there upstairs. He appears to be in a perpetual state of being "out of it," and never seems really to know what he's doing or what's going on. But he is a lot more observant that he appears and usually manages to get the big picture at the expense of the details.

Secondary Characters

Character Description
Tolby Name: Tolby
Age: 19
Hight: 5'10"

Tolby is the apprentice of a magician. They reside in a small tower on the side of a mountain in the middle of the wood. (The magician likes his privacy). Tolby tends to be a little disheveled and easily intimidated. He also has a tendency to react to things without really knowing what's going on. But he is fairly intelligent and a usually easygoing.
Magician Name: ?
Age: 65
Hight: 6'0"

Old and bit ill tempered, he practices magic with his apprentice Tolby. He is not a terribly powerful magician, but certainly no one to scoff at. He prefers to keep to himself, letting Tolby run most of his errands for him.

Rime Name: Rime
Age: ?
Hight: 6' 01"

A mysterious winged woman who offered to help Skid find his way home. However, she offered no real explanation as to why she wished to help him and the advice she gives him is enigmatic at best (and he wasn't even conscious to hear it). It is unknown exactly who or what she is, but her presence always seems to be accompanied by a chill in the air and light snowfall. Just one more thing for Skid to add to his list of "Inexplicable Shit."